Smart Mask Detection Sign M11

Monthly Rental Options Available – Starting $5/day .* Rent for as little as 4 months!
Designed, Assembled and Coded in Canada!!
  • Automatically remind patrons, employees and customers to wear masks when they enter a closed space.
  • Built-in, wide-angle camera to detect any human without a mask within 6 meters (20 feet) in front of the Smart Sign
  • Shows visual alert on LED Display and plays audio alert if no mask is detected
  • Mountable on walls, doors, ceilings, and entryways
  • Portable, can be placed on top of a desks/tables, Does not require wifi, only requires a power source



Made with ❤️ in Toronto, Canada
35 Kelfield Street Etobicoke, ON M9W 5A3
Phone:647-338-4560  /   Email:


M11 – Can be used on a desk or mounted. Mounting options available.
Detection Range 4.6 meter (15 feet)
Voice Alert Yes
Detection Accuracy 90%
Detection Timing <1.5 Sec
Operating voltage DC 5V / 50 Watts (Max.) (Power Supply included)
Processor Quad-core ARM® A57, RAM 4GB
Internet Required No
Custom Message Yes (on Request)
Illumination Required = >100 Lux
Camera HD 720P Wide Angle
Screen Colored (View Angle: 160 deg)
Brightness 1000cd/m2
Weight 500 gms
Mounting Required  Yes
Frame Material  Aluminum
22.5cm x 25.5cm x 5.7cm (Width x Height x Depth)







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