Are all the products CSA approved?

Yes, all our fixtures are fully certified for the Canadian market with either CSA, CUL,or CETL Certification. Most are also Energy Star and DLC rated.

Which brand does the product belong to?

Most of our products belong to Votatec, Eboka, Guildelight, and Green Canada.

What is the exact shipping time to the customer's location?

It takes 1-5 days depending on the distance. Though, we have fast delivery system for limited area.

How do we pair the RGB Gimbals with the remote?

with the help of wire, we can connect the RGB gimbal with the remote.

Do the 4 inch trims fit all the 4 inch potlights?

No, diffrent pot lights have diffrent trim sizes.

Why the spec sheets of some items not available on website?

Some products like tools or accessories does’t require specsheet, so thats why those products are without spec sheets. Other lighting products which require specsheet, but the sheet is not uploaded in product section, that means we are waiting for actual specsheet from the manufacturer.

Why are the prices on flyer same as that of pricelist? Why did you say that the prices on flyers are the offers going on? But they are the same price as in pricelist.

Sometimes the discounted price of product on pricelist is really good and to highlight that we keep the product in marketing email with same price. But now mostly all the prices in Marketing emails are little lower than the pricelist prices.

Why do you not have all the products in pricelist?

In the pricelist, we have added the common products which are frequently sold and for which we always have stock availability.

What is the difference between 4 inch Slim Panels, GC and VT series?

The only difference between both is the power difference . In GC series, power is 9 W which replaces 60 W and in VT series, power is 10 ,which replaces 60W.

What is the difference between 15A and 20A GFCIs of EB and VT series?

There is no difference between both in terms of voltage and frequency. Both are temper resistant with 125 V AC and 60 HZ frequency

How many 4-inch Potlights come in one box?

Depends on the size of the package: We have 10/20/24/40/50. Please ask one of our team member and let us know which part you are interested and we can let you know about the carton size/box size.

How many 15A GFCIs come in one box?

generally speaking there are 10pcs/box but this could be different for different box and different models.

Explain the return policy

As a general rule, we don’t accept any returns without a valid reason such as defective items. All sales are final in case an exception has been made and allow a return only a credit might be issued. We reserve the right to make all the decisions with this regard.

Visit this link to know our Return Policy in detail: https://www.simplyretrofits.com/policies/


What Kind of Wall Switch would one use to change the colour temperature of the Slim Panel 4 inch 9w 3CCT Pot Light?

If the Potlight is switchable, then any switch will work. Here, the pot Light matters, the switch light is not dependable