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Are you retrofitting 347 or high volt facility lights to LED and can’t find the right voltage replacement or they are too pricey?
That’s a common problem especially in Ontario, where many of the old facilities are 347 volt and require higher voltage products. When higher voltage products are unavailable or cost too much, a simple solution is to use a step down transformer. Many compact step down transformers are available for both exterior and interior fixtures. Enclosed transformers that are “Low-Profile” and are easy to install. These are pretty cost effective and in many cases will cost less than the 347 volt fixtures.
Ontario bases, E Craftsmen, assembles some of these transformers in Canada. Particularly interesting are their Slim-Line Models, that are excellent for use with LED Slim panels (1×4, 2×2 or 2×4) or any other low wattage fixtures.
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These come completely epoxy sealed for water resistance (IP65/66) and UL listed for Canada and the US. These can be used for exterior applications. E Craftsmen also carries “Open Internal-Mount “Component” Models” for interior use.
Do you know of any other solution to overcome the 347 volt product problem? We’d love to hear, leave a comment below.