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LED T8s – Type A vs. Type B vs. Type C LED replacement lamps for Fluorescent T8s

Fluorescent T8s are amongst the most common lamps that can be found in various settings from office buildings to schools to warehouses to hospitals and much more. Fluorescent T8s are fairly efficient compared to halogen or incandscent and technology has improved over the years. However, LED’s have changed the game and are the choice of lighting. Fluorescent lamps are being replaced with LED T8 lamps to conserve energy and maintenance savings. Given the older technology including ballasts and fixtures are still widely being used it is critical to ask which is the best way to switch to LED T8s. There are three main options when it comes to switching to LED T8s.

Type A – Ballast compatible LED T8s, these T8s work with existing ballasts.

Type B – Internal Driver, ballast is bypassed and 110v connected directly to the sockets.

Type C – External Driver – LED driver replaces the ballast

UT8 – this is another innovative method to bypass the ballast without running high voltage line through the sockets.

Watch the video above to see the difference in how Type A, B and C are different and their benefits.