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Retrofitting Fluorescent Lamps – Quick, Easy and Cost Effective!!

It is always a challenge to retrofit an entire building with a new technology. Changing bulbs is no different, no matter how simple the task may sound. With the phasing out of fluorescent lamps and installing LED lamps, many challenges arise.

What is the best solution?

Change the lamps? Change entire fixtures? Which lamps are good, ballast compatible or ballast bypass?

Here is solution that may solve the ballast problem for good. If you are going with lamps then ballast compatible lamps are good until the ballast is good. What happens when the ballast burns out? Well, ballast aren’t that easy to find anymore so you will need to change the fixture. And that could happen in six weeks, six months or almost certainly within a couple of years!!

But there is a better solution. UT8 with Leo Links where you can bypass the ballast and sockets and have long lasting lamps that come with 5 year warranty. These are eligible for rebates and solve one of the major problems that comes with retrofitting fluorescent lamps. Check out the video to see for yourself!!