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Lighting expenses constitute a major component of your building’s operating budget. While selecting lighting equipment, our focus remain on the cost, ease of use and these days everyone considers its environmental impact. Many of the nations are promoting usage of LED lights because of their energy efficiency and smaller carbon imprint compared to conventional halogen or fluorescent lights.

What are LED Retrofit Kits?

LED Retrofit kits are used to retrofit existing HID, fluorescent and other traditional fixtures to energy efficient LED’s. Process can involve removing existing ballasts and lamps and installing LED lamps and associated drivers. Basically the fixture remains intact, only lamps and ballasts may be changed. Once example is removing T8 lamps and electronic ballasts from a fluorescent fixture and installing LED T8s with an external driver (or the driver can be inside the lamp). Another example could be removing ballast and metal halide lamp from a high bay and installing LED lamp and a driver  instead. This can be a cheaper way to attain energy efficiency without having to change the fixture.

LED retrofit kits are quite popular because of their ease of use, economical value while reducing energy energy. Many governments, including Ontario are now disbursing rebates and incentives for LED retrofits. Incentives on LED Retrofit may vary nation to nation, for example, LED Retrofit incentive in Ontario are substantial, in fact up to 50% of the project costs can be covered by saveONenergy rebates. Rebates and incentives are just another reason why many of the commercial and residential building owners are opting for LED Retrofit across Ontario.
Here are few benefits of LED Retrofit kits :
1. Energy efficient
LED bulbs consume less energy compared to halogen bulbs or CFLs . LED retrofits are highly energy efficient. You can use DIY LED Retrofit tools to compare how much energy you can save and how much incentive you will get with each LED Retrofit in Canada.
2. Versatile
LED bulbs are one of the favorite choices among the electricians and commercial building managers, due to their huge applications. They can be used for minute signals to huge parking and street lights. They come in handy in offices, commercial buildings, garages , parking lot , streets , stadiums and even homes. The kits are designed to fit almost any given place with illumination needs.
3. Long Lasting LEDs
The LED lights have one more competitive edge over conventional halogen or fluorescent lights , LED lights have longer life span, they do not burn out even for thousands of hours thereby becoming an inexpensive lighting solution in the long run.
4. The retrofit kits  can have exceptional dimming capacity
They offer maximum brightness instantly as compared to other lighting systems. In addition, you can easily regulate the brightness according to your needs and what you find most appropriate for the given setting. It means, therefore that you can still enjoy even lower energy use by dimming to the right levels.
5. Health Benefits of LED Lights
LED lights do not emit ultra violet rays as compared to infrared rays and fluorescent tubes. They are free from UV transmission, thereby making the kits suitable for environments that are sensitive, such as museums, art galleries and archaeological sites.
6. Easy to Maintain
LED retrofit kit offer flawless lighting for many years and there is no need for regular replacement. The kits are functional and do not require much maintenance to keep them functional as they are designed to do.