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If your business relies on metal halide highbays for lighting your facility then it is time to start saving some serious money by switching to LED lights. Not only you will save tons of money in electricity and maintenance, you can also get better light and better controls like motion sensors and dimming that provide even more savings. The potential for savings is enormous, let’s take a look.

Energy Savings

Metal Halides use almost three times more energy than a LED fixture would use so there is a big chunk of savings in electricity consumption alone by switching to LED lights. Let’s see an example:

400 watt metal halide lamps are fairly commonly found in metal halide highbays. Add the ballast to the equation and you have the entire fixture sucking up over 450 watts of electricity. At 12 hours daily use at the rate of $0.16kwh, this translates to $300/year in electricity consumption. Typically, a 150w LED highbay will more than sufficiently replace the 450+ watt metal halide. That is more than 60% or over $200 in energy savings alone. Add in dimmers and motions sensors and you could be saving over 90% in electricity alone.

Maintenance Savings

LED’s have an exceptionally long life span, usually lasting over 50,000 hours and sometimes even 100,000 hours. That translates to between 6 and 12 years of continuous use. On the other hand, metal halide lamps and ballasts have a different life span. Typically a metal halide lamp would last around 20,000 hours. However, that is an over estimation in many ways. Metal halide lamps light output diminishes quickly, often by 70% within the first three years. That means you may have to change the lamps once light output is no longer adequate. Ballasts pose another maintenance hassle.

Bottom line: it saves a lot of maintenance costs by replacing metal halide with LED highbays.

With enormous energy and maintenance savings along with handsome saveONenergy rebates in Ontario, ROI on your LED retrofit investment can be as low as 1 year! Contact DIY LED Retrofit to learn how you can quickly switch to LED high bays and start saving immediately!

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