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saveONenergy conservation program for businesses is an Ontario government backed program designed to help Ontario businesses implement energy efficiency measures including energy efficient lighting. Funding is provided in form of rebates and incentives. For LED lighting, funding is available for energy audits and projects, including products.

How do the saveONenergy rebates work for LED lighting?

Before you begin a LED Retrofit of your facility you must apply for saveONenergy rebates for pre-approval. As per saveONenergy rules, no work shall begin before incentives are pre-approved or you will no longer be eligible for incentives for projects where work has begun prior to pre-approval.

Once your application has been reviewed by your hydro company there could be an inspection and if all requirements are met incentives will be pre-approved. You can then commence the project.

Once installation is complete, old equipment must be disposed in a safe manner and a certificate is obtained as a proof of the disposal. This certificate is to be submitted to the hydro company along with other post project rebate paperwork.

Hydro company will review all the post project rebate paperwork and upon approval send you a request for invoice for the rebate amount. You will receive a cheque in the mail once your hydro company has received the invoice.

Need help calculating saveONenergy rebates and more? Check out our Free Self Audit tool, click here

You can also contact us for managing your rebate applications with your local utility companies.